The Estamparia Ralope, SA was founded in 1982 and is currently a limited liability company . It is headquartered in Manhente parish in the municipality of Barcelos , where the industrial and administrative units are located.

Dedicated to textile articles stamping, is considered a company 'PME Excellence' , as was also the first Portuguese Stamping Certified in Quality Management by the Norm NP EN ISO 9001.

Attentive to changing technology and market requirements, defined development strategies in more advanced equipment , as well as in training and qualification of its employees.

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The Design Cabinet is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment and programs that allows us to develop designs with high quality corresponding to the needs of the client.


Equipped with the newest and most sophisticated machines, it is in this sector that the whole process of engraving frames of the respective drawings subsequently stamped in the sectors of samples or production is developed.

Color Kitchen

All the products used by the kitchen of colors are carefully analyzed and selected to comply with the legislation in force and those with the most rigorous specificities of the Customers.


We count on a modern and mechanized production, operated by specialized and experienced personnel for the best results.


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